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This IS curious.

I wonder...

I'm an alice
8 March 1985
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Some facts: Annette. 28. Different. Artistic. Lonely. Get easily stressed. Loves pink & pokémon. In a relationship. Has schizophrenia & an ED. In therapy. Hates people who think they are better than others. Likes to make icons. Mangafan. Has four Devon Rex cats.

I'm a girl from Oslo. I used to be roslilly. I have mental disorders. It's hard at times, but usually, I'm cheerful and positive. I am a bit childish, sometimes a bit too much for what's appropriate at my age, or so I hear. Still, I think it's very important to be yourself. So I'm being me. In real life I'm very shy. That's not entirely true. But that's what most people think. If they don't know me. Phle is my nickname and this journal is named after that. In this journal, I write about everything that happens in my life. So it's a very private journal. & this journal is friends only. Comment in my Guestbook if you would like to be added. I don't add empty journals. I have another journal, annrosa, but it's not currently in use.